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ESAs, asbestos, lead, mold, industrial, and specialized services. All Phase Environmental will get the job done on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.


More than just environmental assessment services, we also offer comprehensive building engineering and structural assessments and hazardous materials testing. This includes: asbestos containing materials (ACM) sampling; lead based paint sampling; testing for lead in drinking water and radon sampling. Experienced, licensed and certified employees who follow federal, state and local regulations perform all of our hazardous material assessments. At All Phase Environmental we will insure all materials are tested and properly defined so you will have reports that can be relied upon for the life of your building.


At All Phase Environmental, we understand the time urgency issues which accompany property transfers, refinancing and development. When you need your report fast, really fast, request our Express Delivery Service. You will be amazed at how quickly we can respond to your needs while providing you one of the best environmental site assessments on the market. Call us now for a price quote at (800) 567-7729.


Environmental site assessments and due diligence reports that meet or exceed the ASTM standards. . .


Mold can be a problem in almost any structure in the nation, from the desert towns of California to the. . .


Our team is not only familiar with the vast and complex asbestos regulations, we also understand . . .

Industrial Services

Services include personnel exposure monitoring and protection, risk management studies, process safety development, and more.


We inspect for the presence of lead not only in paint but also in water, soil and air within residential . . .

Specialized Services

Phytoremediation, radon testing, engineering and structural services, express deliver service and more. . .

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