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We will take air samples inside and outside of your home or building with Zefon Cassette samples. These samples will be sent to one of our third party analytical laboratories where they will be analyzed for airborne mold spore concentrations. We will take temperature and humidity readings inside and outside of the structure. We will take moisture readings of building components such as wood studs, drywall and plaster. If warranted, we will develop a moisture gradient to define the point of intrusion. Soil samples in crawlspaces may be taken and measured for mold concentration or moisture content if warranted.

If you are planning on purchasing a building or home, you will find our simple Mold Screen to be an exceptional value. Our Mold Screen includes a visual inspection and physical sampling and can protect you from buying more than you bargained for. Call us today.

Mold Discovered In an Air Duct


Our experts will inspect the home or building for visible signs of mold, water staining or moisture intrusion. We will inspect all visible surfaces in the home or building to include attic spaces and crawlspaces. We will inspect the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for signs of leaks or unacceptable water buildup that can lead to mold growth. Additional items may be visually inspected including, but not limited to, proper pipe insulation, moisture barriers and site drainage.

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