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All Phase Environmental, Inc. will assist you in identifying, quantifying and designing a plan to reduce or eliminate your asbestos liabilities while minimizing your capital expenditures.


Problems associated with asbestos can be solved economically, quickly and safely when you have the right professionals working for you.

Our team is not only familiar with the vast and complex asbestos regulations; we also understand the need to protect your liabilities associated with asbestos problems. Members of our staff have been working in the asbestos consulting business for over ten years with experience in hospitals, industrial settings, high-rise office structures, pubic housing facilities, airports, military installations and even the White House in Washington D.C. At All Phase Environmental, Inc. we will insure all materials are tested and properly defined so you will have a report that can be relied upon for the life of your building.

Asbestos was a common construction material into the 1980s


We will sample all of the suspect materials in your building, assess their conditions and quantifying them. We offer CAD drawings showing sample locations, extent of ACM and damaged area. We will make recommendations for how to handle the materials and provide you with a rough order of magnitude cost estimate for any recommended repairs or removals.

Minimize asbestos risk with proper planning


If you plan to renovate or demolish your building and asbestos is present, then a plan for controlling the asbestos must be developed. Our abatement design services will identify and define the materials needing special handling and how to manage them. We save you thousands by creating a basis for competitive bidding and eliminating change orders.

Asbestos fibers seen under 400x PCM magn


Construction monitoring and air sampling records are important legal documents illustrating your responsible actions and protecting you from future liability. All Phase Environmental, Inc. will observe and document compliance with relevant regulations and standards and note the protective measures taken to isolate the work area from the occupants.

A chest x-ray following asbestos exposure showing extensive malignant mesothelioma encasing the right lung. Pleural plaques are present on the left.



The majority of asbestos containing materials may not need to be removed from your building. APEI O&M plans will tell you: where the asbestos is, how to monitor it, how to handle it, how to label it, how to train your employees, how to keep from disturbing the asbestos, and what to do if the asbestos is disturbed.

Educating the Masses Abestos Awareness Training


If you have asbestos in your building, OSHA regulations require your maintenance and janitorial workers take a 2 hour asbestos awareness class. APEI provides classes specific to your building or O&M plan, taught by qualified professionals. Our curriculum helps reduce anxiety from having ACM in your building.

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