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We all live with mold everyday; even the Mold Samplers of All Phase Environmental Inc. have been know to have some mold growing in their homes. However, there are two key factors that will determine if mold is a problem for you.



There are only a few toxic molds commonly found in buildings. We can test the mold in question and send it to one of our third party analytical laboratories to have the species of mold defined. Knowing the type of mold in your building, we can then assess other factors (such as the location of the mold, the HVAC system for the home or building, the source of moisture, etc.) and make a determination on your risk to this mold exposure.

Hidden mold found in a suburban kitchen


Some people have an amplified sensitivity to mold, regardless of the quantity of mold they are exposed to or its toxicity. On the other hand, we have also seen people living in environments with extraordinarily high concentrations of mold spores without exhibiting any adverse effects. You may be in one of the above categories; but are likely somewhere in between. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms similar to an allergic reaction, it could be mold spores. Do not panic, call the Mold Samplers today.

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