Our expertise lies in the assessment of your home or building to determine if mold removal is necessary. We save you money if you don't need removal, and we can save you money if you do. The Mold Samplers of All Phase Environmental Inc. are not in the business of mold removal, consequently we don't have any potential conflict-of-interest in finding mold. If you want to find know the true status of mold levels in your home or business, call us first.


Contact the Mold Samplers and we will survey your home or building for mold and make a determination on the necessity of mold removal (see Mold Screen for more details).


Depending upon the occupancy situation of the home or building, we may recommend our testing services during mold removal. We test the areas outside of the mold removal work area during construction to insure there are no releases of mold to occupied areas.


If mold removal is necessary, the Mold Samplers will help you to select qualified mold removal contractors for removal bids. We will review the bids submitted by the contractors and provide you with recommendations.


We will perform post mold removal sampling to insure the contractors have properly and completely removed the mold and the source(s) of moisture contributing to the growth of the mold. Since improper techniques or incomplete work will often result in the return of mold, our post removal testing is essential.

External mold caused by water leak. Mold growth is usually less obvious.


"When we suspected our home of being contaminated with mold, we called The Mold Samplers to find out. And we were glad we did."

Mr. Tom Trumpler
Home Owner
Torrance, California

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