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When to Do a Transaction Screen

​​For some properties, the Transaction Screen is a standardized approach to environmental due diligence that provides a generally acceptable degree of confidence about the environmental condition of the property. This format is only recommended for low impact uses such as undeveloped rural or residential properties. Please call our professionals if you are not sure about your due diligence obligations

If you are interested in fast and inexpensive research on your property and the sites surrounding it, All Phase Environmental, Inc. can provide you with a Transaction Screen. This study will cover the entire database search described under Records Search, but also involves more detailed research and on site investigations. The Transaction Screen includes owner and/or occupant interviews, fire department interviews and/or Sanborn map reviews and a site inspection by one of our professionals. Our reports will meet or exceed the ASTM-E-1528 standard for transaction screens.

What is Included in a Transaction Screen

​​The Transaction Screen report comes with a computerized color map showing your property at the center and any sites found on the databases surrounding your site. We also include color digital photographs that will bring your project to life and illustrate the property in vivid detail. All telephone conversations will be summarized in the report findings and the actual telephone memos will be presented in the appendix of the report. Copies of the ASTM checklist will also be included.

Pesticide Storage
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