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If you plan to renovate or demolish your building and lead based paint is present, then a plan for controlling the lead must be developed. Our lead abatement design services will identify and define the materials needing special handling and disposal and how to manage them during construction. Lead containing components that can remain in place and do not need to be disturbed will be clearly identified. Our design will provide you with an accurate cost estimate for abatement, comprehensive plans and specifications. These documents will limit your liability and allow you to competitively bid the work among several contractors. You will then obtain the best price and eliminate construction period change orders at the same time.

Lead Abatement Planning and Design


All Phase Environmental will also help you competitively bid out the work to several contractors. We can pre-select qualified contractors to bid on the work or offer the contract to all interested parties. We will facilitate the pre-bid meeting, write and distribute addendums and direct the bid-opening meeting. Once we have obtained the contractors qualifications and prices, we will help you to select the best contractor for the project. After selection, we can help you write the contract documents and review bid bonds, performance bonds and insurance certificates.


Construction monitoring and air sampling records are important legal documents illustrating your responsible actions and protecting you from future liability. Our specialists are California State Certified as well as Certified Lead Abatement Supervisors.

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