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Mold can be a problem in almost any structure in the nation from the desert towns of California to the cities near the great rain forests of the Northwest. Mold is not a plant or an animal but has its own kingdom to describe this persistent and prolific pest.



The Mold Samplers at All Phase Environmental, Inc. include biologists, Certified Hazardous Material Managers, CIH's and specialists trained in the identification and sampling of mold. Interpretation of mold data can be misleading and requires the expertise of the Mold Samplers.

Mold spores can be floating around a home or building, unseen, as they create havoc on your health. All Phase Environmental, Inc. can test the air in your home or building for airborne mold spore concentrations.

APEI Mold Bulk Sampling



The Mold Samplers will hunt down visible and invisible mold in your house or building and perform bulk sampling to determine if there is a problem. We may use any combination of the following different types of mold bulk sampling techniques depending upon the situation.

Mold Discovered In an Air Duct



If you are planning on purchasing a building or home, you will find our Mold Screen to be an exceptional value. If you think you are experiencing adverse health effects from mold, the mold screen is a cost effective testing protocol to help define the source or your problem.

APEI Mold Air Sampling



Complaints of persistent respiratory illnesses may be a sign of airborne mold contamination. Molds are able to produce spores that can be carried on drafts throughout a building. The inhalation of these spores can lead to allergic reactions and flu like symptoms.

External mold caused by water leak. Mold



We do not perform mold and fungi removal but we should be your first call. Our expertise lies in the assessment of your home or building to determine if mold removal is necessary.  Let us protect you from mold and costly and inefficient removal projects.

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